eCard Solutions commenced business in 2006 when electronic gift card programs, while commonplace overseas, were virtually unheard of in the New Zealand market.

We are proud to have launched a number of ‘first to market’ programs, in our industry. These ‘firsts’ include:

  • A nationwide gift card program for a shopping centre group that now has over 800 participating retailers with the recent acquisition of a 7th shopping centre.
  • The co-development of the first mobile marketing program that uses SMS vouchers to drive product trial, incremental foot traffic, sales and loyalty program rewards.
  • A gift card program for a national trade association that includes approximately 350 retailer members.
  • A gift card wedding registry for a brand leader in the travel industry (that runs alongside their normal gift card program).
  • The first multi-pass prepaid card program for a group of popular Auckland based tourist attractions.

eCard Solutions has worked alongside leading NZ-based advertising agencies to provide effective promotional tools, implementing successful promotions by using their simple and effective systems. The team loves to be challenged and through using innovative and new products, they endeavour to provide the best-fit solution for both your business and customer based needs.

Give your customers the freedom of electronic gift cards.

Give your customers the freedom of electronic gift cards.Our Infrastructure

Transactions are processed using your POS/EFTPOS system and are sent via the banking switches to our host database for verification. We also accept transactions over a secure internet connection, with or without existing POS systems.

We have our own dedicated connections with each of the two banking switches in New Zealand- EFTPOS New Zealand and Paymark.  Both of these organisations provide international standards of service with the transactions that are sent to or from our host databases having the same priority as any other banking transactions that are processed through these networks.

Our infrastructure includes a primary database that is hosted at TelstraClear’s Albany data centre.  This site provides a hosted environment for a number of large organisations including Paymark and EFTPOS New Zealand.  This database replicates transactions, in real time, to our secondary database.  Should either of the banking links fail to be able to deliver transactions to the primary database; the links switch over to the secondary database to continue processing transactions.  Our secondary database is hosted at ICONZ in Auckland City.  Both database hosts are fully monitored on a 24/7 basis.