Gift card programs are a great way of acquiring new customers and providing incremental sales growth.  They also increase the number of store visits per customer- cards on average are used 2.5 times. Many customers who come in with a gift card spend more than its value and, those who do, will spend on average twice its value.  Gift Cards, unlike other presents, never need to be exchanged because they are the wrong size or colour.

Unlike paper vouchers, Gift Cards can be on display to your customers at Point of Sale – they have no value until you have loaded the card, providing the perfect opportunity to up sell.
Gift Cards also function as mini advertisements. Because of their convenient size, the cards serve as a constant reminder of your brand every time the customer opens their wallet. They can also be topped up with value and reused time and time again.

As a retailer, Gift Cards can provide opportunities such as ‘Gift Card with purchase’ promotions (as an alternative to discounting) and other incentives to increase purchasing of Gift Cards at particular times of the year, for example: ‘Buy a $100 Gift Card and receive $10 credit for free’.

Administratively, the services that we provide to our customers enables ease in management of their Gift Card program, particularly in comparison to paper based voucher systems. Our online reporting structure provides detailed analysis of all transactions, redemption funds liability at any given point in time, as well as detailing Gift Cards when they expire with any unredeemed funds.  The cost savings related to significantly less time involved in managing and reconciling a Gift Card program are impressive.
Of course, we are here to help too. Should you ever need assistance eCard Solutions provide a 24/7, New Zealand based, call centre.

Easy & Effective solutions:

  • Customer store visits increase by 2.5 times on average.
  • Great potential to upsell at the Point of Sale.
  • Customers often over spend when using Gift Cards, on average twice it’s value.
  • Promotional opportunities to target ‘time of year’ purchases.
  • Convenience for customers knowing the card will never be exchanged for being the wrong gift.

Increase sales and bring in more business.

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